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Some nine years ago we lived with the whole family in a flat in Sibiu, owning three small boutiques with all kind of merchandise.

In 2006, fed up of selling fast food products, we gave up the business, sold the apartment and moved for good in Nucet, where we set up the Bio Haus pension.

The place attracted us with its quietness – the pension is located at the edge of the village, and as wide as the eyes can see, we are surrounded all over by hills with pastures and woods.

In summer nights, near the camp fire, we can admire the stars – nothing else than fresh smells of nature, soil, harvested hay. All these make Bio Haus a place that feeds the senses and brings peace in one’s soul, as a wonderful refuge far from the city’s turmoil.

Shortly after we moved, we worked our garden on almost 2 hectares, as we did not want to buy any supermarket or chemically produced foodstuffs. We want to produce healthy food for ourselves as well as for our guests. We further bought some dairy cows, we built up our greenhouse, we started to process vegetables and fruits on traditional recipes, we took part in fairs ….

Our farm is ecologically certified over 2005-2001.

Together with other ecological producers from the region, we set up the Biocoop association and we opened up a bio products shop that is still running today.






tatălui (father)